Familiar Light – a great kids photography resource

Jenny Stein

Jennifer Stein writes about kids photography on her blog, Familiar Light, and includes technical information about how she takes her photos. It’s a great kids photography resource for photographers interested in taking photos of kids (it’s no coincidence that some cameras have a setting for both kids and pets!). As Jennifer explains:

I am a mother of young children and spend most of my time close to home. My photographs are of the people and places most familiar to me. I strive to create photographs that capture something true about our day to day lives.

As parents, we have a unique viewpoint of our children. Friends with kids often ask me questions about how to use their camera. I’m including some simple technical information to help these friends use their own cameras to get great pictures of their own kids. If you have a question, leave a comment.

Photographers like Jennifer who share their techniques are tremendous resources and well worth following and supporting.

Update (2016-01-08): I just discovered that she also hosts the This Week In Photo Family podcast which is worth listening to. Here is an interesting episode:






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