Early Twitter adopter?

I noticed this number on my Twitter profile a little while ago. If I understand that number correctly I was in the first 750 000 people to sign up for Twitter. Could that be right?






  1. Andy Kruger avatar

    Hmmm… is that the Android app? I’m wondering where to find this number via the PC browser interface, since my ‘Droid device is only likely to arrive tomorrow.

  2. pauljacobson avatar

    Andy, I’m using the iPhone Twitter app and I see the number in user
    profile pages. I am sure the Android app supports it too. I don’t
    think the Twitter site displays it though.

  3. Melissa Attree avatar

    Dude, you are a very early adopter when it comes to social networks so I wouldn’t be surprised if this was the case 🙂 pretty cool actually!

  4. pauljacobson avatar

    Thanks Melissa!

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