Do you Tungle?

I’ve been using on and off for a little while now and its been mostly an interesting service and helpful way to share my availability with people. I’ve noticed more people using it but it hasn’t exactly seemed to explode into widespread use locally. I just watched this Epipheo video about and the additional info is supposed to inject into calendars is intriguing.

I like the idea of having more information about who I am meeting with and the company itself. I get that sort of information from a Rapportive plugin in my Google Mail accounts and it is useful. You can do a similar thing with Gist but I just haven’t spent much time with Gist or replaced Rapportive with it. I have tried to schedule meetings with a couple people using and the results have been a bit mixed. The interface seems a little counter-intuitive when it comes to doing stuff on the site but that keeps improving.

The service will probably be a bit more useful as more people use it too. I have about 3 or 4 contacts at the moment and those contacts aren’t regular users (or don’t seem to be). That said, the idea of an integrated and more intelligent scheduling service is very appealing.

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