Firefox 4 beta 12 is available

I just noticed that Firefox 4b12 is now available. This browser just keeps getting better with each new beta release and while the Mozilla team has mimicked Chrome in a number of respects, the end result is a pretty robust and fast browser.

Firefox 4b12

My two gripes with Firefox 4 beta is the memory leak which seems to pop up now and then and the delay in having some of my add-ons updated by providers. I miss add-ons like the Evernote add-on which I used almost daily in previous versions. I believe Evernote will only update when a stable Firefox 4 is released and that shouldn’t be too far off, I hope.

As for the memory leak, it seems to affect some of the beta releases and just when I thought it was gone in b10, I saw it again in b11. That said, Firefox still has a smaller memory footprint than Chrome, for the most part, when you add up all the Chrome instances (at least on a Mac).







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