The mission I am on

Skateboard Park, South Shields

Ok, so the migration which flooded Twitter earlier actually had a thought process behind it, sort of. I have been blogging more often to my Tumblr blog. I like the platform but I have been thinking lately about how easy it would be for me to move my content if I ever decided to leave Tumblr. The problem is that it is and isn’t easy to do it. The tool I used to handle the migration worked well but the permalinks are hardly SEO friendly even though the export was easy.

I thought about Posterous as a new home for my blog given its easy posting options even though the Posterous people seem a little full of themselves with their switch campaign but this blog is too big for Posterous to handle at the moment.

I also found I was posting to this blog, to Tumblr and to Posterous with varying degrees of frequency and I much prefer to simplify that. My blog presence is way too fragmented so I decided to migrate the Tumblr posts here and develop a workflow to post on the go as well as with MarsEdit. My solution for the time being is to set my Posterous site up to autopost to my blog so I can use my iPhone to post on the go. Looks like it may work.

Photo credit: Skateboard Park, South Shields by freefotouk, licensed CC BY-NC 2.0

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