In case you thought Twitter was a bit quiet today …

Ok, I just did something really idiotic. I thought I would try merge my Tumblr blog with my WordPress blog and cut back on my blog duplication. I used a WooThemes tool to handle the export from Tumblr and started the import into my WordPress blog not realising that my Twitter plugin in WordPress would tweet!

So sorry to everyone I just inundated with historical posts! I managed to exceed my daily allowance on Twitter and probably took my site down for a little while too. I am going to disable the Twitter plugin till I can complete the import process.

So sorry!! My bad.

Update: It looks like I have tweeted way too much for today and can’t tweet directly at the moment.

Update 2: Ok, the import is finished and the flood has subsided. I don’t think I can tweet till tomorrow so I can’t respond to anyone except via direct message on Twitter.

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