In case you thought Twitter was a bit quiet today …

Ok, I just did something really idiotic. I thought I would try merge my Tumblr blog with my WordPress blog and cut back on my blog duplication. I used a WooThemes tool to handle the export from Tumblr and started the import into my WordPress blog not realising that my Twitter plugin in WordPress would tweet!

So sorry to everyone I just inundated with historical posts! I managed to exceed my daily allowance on Twitter and probably took my site down for a little while too. I am going to disable the Twitter plugin till I can complete the import process.

So sorry!! My bad.

Update: It looks like I have tweeted way too much for today and can’t tweet directly at the moment.

Update 2: Ok, the import is finished and the flood has subsided. I don’t think I can tweet till tomorrow so I can’t respond to anyone except via direct message on Twitter.






  1. Sheena Gates avatar

    Hahahaha, I wondered what happened there.

    Don’t worry, I clicked on a Facebook spam link this morning and it automatically sent out the same link to all the friends. We all make mistakes 🙂

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  3. Francois Botha avatar

    But you’re going to delete all those tweets, right? Some people may log in to Twitter only later and you could still save them from the flood.

  4. pauljacobson avatar

    I started deleting some of the tweets but can’t seem to go all the way back … Good idea though.

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