No Foursquare mayorship if you checkin through Gowalla

I love the Gowalla app on my iPhone and prefer it to the Foursquare app. I also love that I can checkin on Foursquare using Gowalla. I noticed that checking in on Foursquare using Gowalla isn’t quite the same as doing it on Foursquare directly. No matter how many times I checkin at a location using Gowalla, I don’t make progress toasted becoming a mayor of that location in Foursquare. It seems I have to use the Foursquare app to become a mayor and maintain that status. Sneaky!



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  1. Simon Wicks avatar

    This shouldn’t be the case.
    As long as the Gowalla spot has the correct 4SQ Venue id attached to it, it should still count towards all points, badges, mayorships etc when you cross post from Gowalla.

    Are there certain spots you’ve been having trouble with?
    Posting over on is the quickest way to get these resolved usually 🙂

  2. pauljacobson avatar

    Thanks Simon. My next question is whether locations created using
    Gowalla would have this Foursquare Venue ID or whether that has to be
    done in Foursquare too. Do you know?

  3. Simon Wicks avatar

    I don’t think if you created a new spot in Gowalla it would instantly get the 4SQ id attached to it if a spot on 4SQ already existed. It takes a little while for them to work through and add everything, from what I’ve heard it’s mostly being done by hand as well!

    But if there are spots you create and want them paired with 4SQ quicker, then hit Get Satisfaction and post them there.

    That what you mean?

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