MTN has really impressed me today

This is a re-post from my personal blog. MTN did a good job with me today and I want to share that.

My MTN experience started off at a real low this morning with an inability to get any information about the HTC Desire’s availability in MTN stores. I was so frustrated I posted my rant about the sorry saga and why it annoyed me so much. Things changed pretty quickly after that.

I received a message on Twitter from the MTN SA Twitter account shortly after my post with the following offer to help me:

MTN tweet 1.png

I accepted the offer and got this follow up:

MTN tweet 2.png

At this point I was already impressed. Its the first time I received a response from MTN to any of my rants (granted, some of them are not worth responding to). It got better. Not too long after the second tweet I received the 1st of 3 or 4 calls and sms’s from guys at MTN who undertook to find out about the HTC Desire’s availability in stores and get back to me.

It turns out the phones are not available in stores just yet (the shipments were apparently delayed) and should become available in the coming weeks. I also believe there are not all that many phones available in this initial round so it is probably a good idea to book one for yourself as soon as you can, if your service provider will let you do that.

While I received pretty terrific service today, many people don’t have that benefit so it would really be a good idea if MTN took steps to improve service at their branches and call centres. Answering calls would be a good start. I really wasn’t expecting much of a response from MTN to my rant earlier and I am pretty impressed that they did respond as quickly and as helpfully as they did.



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