Dealing with the influx of social media input more productively

I came across this post over the weekend. If you are anything like me, you consume a lot of content through a number of social media services and there are times when you spend more time sifting through masses of information and data without being very productive in the process. I have lost whole days on the social Web when I just meant to check something quickly and get back to work.

5 Ways to Reduce Social Media Distractions and Be More Productive: “Those of us who are social media-savvy suffer from a burgeoning problem that constantly threatens our ingenuity. If we fail to acknowledge and solve this problem, our brilliant ideas may may never see the light of day.

Every single minute, more ‘stuff’ is being sent your way. E-mails, text messages, voice mails, instant messages, Twitter messages, Facebook posts… and the list goes on. The proliferation of mobile devices only increases the flow.”

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