Twitter Updates for 2010-01-12

  • Legal notes: Publicity becomes the norm on Facebook, not privacy #
  • How Facebook's privacy controls changes are radically affecting online privacy generally: #
  • @DChetty You need to press "Play" in reply to DChetty #
  • @DChetty Right now its mostly instrumental. It used to be "You See the Trouble with Me" by Black Legend … in reply to DChetty #
  • @garymeyerza Thanks for the compliment. Waiting to see what this mythical tablet Mac will do/be before proclaiming it Moses' Tablets 2.0 in reply to garymeyerza #
  • What's the diff between Moses' tablets and the iSlate? Moses got his from God … (joke in progress) #
  • Heading back to home base #
  • RT @bedheadblonde: My sister paid $5k for her wedding cake … But for $5k? That cake better balance my checkbook & go down on me. Twice. #
  • @Crimson_Orguss well, more or less, they just had to walk through the desert for 40 years … in reply to Crimson_Orguss #
  • @adii if your contract runs for 1 year, automatically renewing it for another year is/will be illegal in reply to adii #
  • RT @adii: Love when fuckface corporates include shady clauses in massive contracts that no one ever bother to read. <–read them contracts! #
  • @adii ok, that is the same as the mobile networks and their contract structure. in reply to adii #
  • is an "ethical insurance company" a contradiction in terms? #
  • hmm, still waiting for someone from #fnb insurance to contact me about a quote … #
  • getting the finger from the likes of @MelroseArch and @SandtonCity and what it means in real terms: #
  • @davidorban what are you using to publish to Flickr? The Flickr Uploadr? in reply to davidorban #
  • @MelroseArch My phone hasn't been off this afternoon but thanks for your reply. You are missing golden opportunities but not engaging. in reply to MelroseArch #
  • RE: Yup, I figured that out, thanks. I don't think it was always a long term parking area. At least I am pretty sure… #
  • RE: Hi Vincent, thanks for your Melrose Arch photo policy feedback. I didn't see any messages from you on my mobile b… #
  • @MelroseArch Thanks for the offer, how about extending the walk around tour offer to fans and perhaps even making it a regular tour? in reply to MelroseArch #
  • @MelroseArch you are welcome. in reply to MelroseArch #
  • RT @mashable: Google Docs Adds Support for File Storage – <– ah, interesting! And better text formatting? #

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