My experiences with a Nokia N900

You can find my N900 pseudo-review post right here but feel free to continue reading and read my initial thoughts too.

I picked up a Nokia N900 yesterday to test for a couple weeks. I’ve been looking forward to using one of these devices for a while now and what I saw at the recent Nokia forum event excited me a little more. It is really important to point out that the N900 is not due to be available in South Africa at all. These devices haven’t even been approved by ICASA. Although the version I have is a retail version, it is one of 3 in the country and is purely for limited review. (see below for an exciting development) My approach to the N900 is to use it to get a sense of what Maemo as an operating system can do compared to S60.

Update (5 December 2009): I received some exciting news from Tania Steenkamp at Nokia SA last night. Nokia SA’s GM, Mathia Nalappan, has managed to secure N900 stock for the South African market. Nokia SA expects stock to arrive in 2Q 2010! I am going to post a more substantive review pretty soon. I have been using the device as my day to day device since I received it from Nokia.

Below is a FriendFeed channel embed (yup, FriendFeed is still around and the best service I could think of for what I want to do in this post). My plan is to post updates as I go and probably round up with a more complete post later.

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