Better GReader experience (why Firefox is my fav browser again)

I have been reading feeds in Google Reader this morning (I prefer Feedly but it wasn’t working this morning for some reason). I use Firefox as my primary browser after being a fairly dedicated Safari user for a while and a momentary Chrome fan. I’m not saying that Safari and Chrome are lousy browsers because they aren’t, they are terrific browsers (although Chrome on the Mac is still a developer build and not feature complete).

The reason why I am a Firefox fan again is that I found the one extension that caused a 20+ second lag in load times (it was a weather extension) and I cut my extensions back to the ones I really like. Many of those extensions are Gina Trapani’s Better Webapps extensions which run on Greasemonkey. One of those extensions is Better GReader which adds some enhancements to Google Reader. One of those enhancements is a range of colours to help distinguish between feed sources. The extension converts the usual Google Reader experience from this:

… into this:

Firefox probably won’t have this edge for too much longer. Chrome for the Mac should be done by the end of the year and version 4 brings extensions capability. It also looks like Gina will probably port her Better Webapps to Chrome too. Better Webapps extensions for Chrome will make a feature complete Chrome a lot more appealing to me although I am really enjoying Firefox again. The one that put me off Firefox initially was its really slow load time. It also didn’t help that Firefox was using so much memory either.

By the way, if you are interested in the stuff that interests me, take a look at my shared feeds page.

(You can probably tell I am a Gina Trapani fan although that doesn’t detract from her awesome apps. She recently published the Complete Guide to Google Wave and is one of the panelists on This Week in Google.)

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