and the constant IMAP refresh … why, oh why?

I’ve noticed that feels the need to refresh my IMAP cache for each of my Google Mail accounts from time to time. That works out to a huge amount of data transfer for no apparent reason and I can’t figure out why it keeps doing that? Thunderbird seems to do something similar but it maintains an index of what has been synchronised and only downloads what it needs to. doesn’t seem to have that index in place or, if it does, the index seems to expire or something.

I don’t claim to understand IMAP all that well or why various things like this happen. I can’t seem to find any information about this online so I just steer clear of and either use the Web-based Google Mail directly or I use Thunderbird (which has the added benefit of return receipts which come in handy). There are a couple features in which appeal to me including the data detectors which make it pretty easy to add or update contacts. The downside is this download behaviour consumes a huge amount of bandwidth and in our bandwidth constrained environment, that is a big #fail!

Does anyone else experience this? Any ideas, suggestions? Should I just ditch until Apple releases a decent version?

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  1. The problem is with Gmail, not with and the answer lies in using the advanced IMAP settings from Google Labs.

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