Trying stuff out (you can ignore this)

I’ve just been reading some stuff about Feedburner integration with PubSubHubbub and I have changed a couple things in my FriendFeed account in the hope that this blog’s posts are published faster on FriendFeed and elsewhere.

This is just a test.

Update: This blog post published to FriendFeed around the same time as the tweet did (my blog posts to Twitter as soon as the post publishes and the tweet arrives in FriendFeed almost in real-time):

Picture 2.png

The point of this exercise was to test the link between PubSubHubbub and Feedburner and the rapid publication from Feedburner to services like FriendFeed (made possible by PubSubHubbub). Take a look at Gina Trapani’s post for a broader view. This tech thrills me!

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