Don't buy a Nokia E71! The E72 is on its way and it is even better

You’ve heard about the amazing Nokia E71 and you may be thinking about getting one for yourself. It is a terrific phone, for sure, but it has just been superseded by the new Nokia E72 which is even better (all existing E71 owners … I feel your pain).

The E72 boasts a number of improvements over its year old cousin including a 5 megapixel camera, support for download speeds of up to 10.2 MBps over HSDPA and a new optical navigation key which seems to bring the scrolling experience that much closer to the Blackberry’s trackball. It gets better. The audio jack is the standard 3.5mm jack and the phone runs s60 3rd edition (feature pack 2 – the same version the E75 runs). It also comes with Nokia Messaging for a better email experience.

There is some pretty exciting instant messaging integration built into the device too. According to the Nokia press release:

On top of these developments, for the first time, owners will be able to set up instant messaging (IM) accounts provided by Nokia Messaging direct from the homescreen. In just a few steps, device owners will be able to connect to their favorite IM accounts such as Yahoo! Messenger, Google Talk and Ovi, amongst many others.

These new IM features are complimented by Nokia’s range of email solutions with a lifetime license for Nokia’s mobile email and IM service, Nokia Messaging, as well as onboard clients for Mail for Exchange and IBM Lotus Notes Traveler. Accessing popular accounts such as Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, Windows Live Hotmail, Ovi Mail and thousands of other email service providers is simple through improved on-device email setup, with the same easy to use UI integrating all of the owner’s corporate email accounts as well.

It feels like just yesterday that I got the E71 and as fantastic as the device is, the E72 looks even better. This slim device is an even better business tool and the only gripe I have right now is that the space bar is so small. I have been trying out the E75 and will post a review soon but if the E72 performs the way I think it will, it will beat the pants off both the E71 and the E75.

Update: I received the E72 datasheet from Nokia yesterday:

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