Leopard saga: Really getting ticked off here

In case you haven’t seen me ranting about this before. I bought my MacBook last month and qualify for a free upgrade to Mac OS 10.5 (aka Leopard). It turned out that I couldn’t simply grab a retail version of the operating system, I have to participate in some program called the “Leopard Up to Date” program and place a special order for my very own upgrade software. I filled out the order form, paid my R228 (including VAT) for shipping and sent everything off to C3 on 29 October.

My form and payment confirmation were duly acknowledged and I was told it could take about 2 weeks or so to get my update. I am still waiting.

I called C3 two days ago to find out where the DVD is after being told to expect it last week. I was told the DVDs are in the country (they must have been transported here using some form of seagull or camel or something to take so long for a DVD to arrive in South Africa) and that they are being coded to specific machine serial numbers (ok, whatever!).

We are now a week away from a full month’s delay and I haven’t yet received a proactive call or email to say “hi, I know you are still hanging on for this software like some idiot fanboy but we are working on it …”. That probably bugs me as much as the frikkin absurd delay.

Here is a suggestion Apple, next time let me download the frikkin update. I will use my MacBook’s serial number to access the software like any number of other software applications I have bought online and I will gladly pay R228 for the frikkin bandwidth I need for the download. It will take me a night to download a full DVD or so and that will be that.

This whole upgrade to Leopard has really left a bad taste in my mouth and is certainly not putting Apple in a more positive light at all. Of course there is a possibility these delays are because the local Apple operation is a shambles … Either way, what crap customer service.

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