Synthasite raises $5m in funding

Congrats to Vinny and his team on raising $5m in funding from Columbus Venture Capital. TechCrunch has a brief post about this today.

Vinny posted the news on his blog together with a link to the press release:

Ok – so you wonder why things have been quiet on this blog? Apart from the fact that I’ve been at home for only 4 night this past 7 weeks – I’ve been busy with the all the background details around this announcement and the great news is that Synthasite has finalized an investment round of $5m from Swiss based Richemont. I’m at Geneva airport at the moment and I have to board my flight very soon – but wanted to get this message out quickly before I boarded.

I got to chat to Vinny when I was in Cape Town recently for the Nomadic Marketing and he is really excited about Synthasite. I am embarrassed to admit that I haven’t tried the service out yet. His enthusiasm is infectious so I see myself trying it out pretty soon (translation: sometime in the next 3 months, schedule, work and baby permitting …).

This is a really good reminder to the rest of the world that South Africa has some pretty potent talent and we’re not afraid to use it!

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