Twitter Updates for 2007-10-16

  • justinhartman I don’t have an Afrigator t-shirt … #
  • @henre This is a case of t-shirt bias, discrimination and elitism #
  • @eved I think so, The People’s Club Against Afrigator T-Shirt Elitism #
  • @henre and @eved We should have a toyi toyi and march to Justin Hartman’s desk and hand over a memorandum #
  • @justinhartman Ah, setting the bar, widening the divide between the haves and have-nots … so capitalist! Viva! Viva! #
  • @henre You are playing into their bourgeois hands, don’t give up, we can strike for days! #
  • Just can’t find decent striking workers these days … #
  • @henre You are a man of principle for sure! #
  • @henre Nah, we’ve lost momentum with your capitulation … I’ll go see if Vincent will give me an Amatomu t-shirt instead … #
  • @justinhartman Doesn’t look like we are going to find out who was behind Bolton Deventer after all #
  • Anyone going to the Corporate IT Security seminar in Rosebank today? #
  • @justinhartman I am cancelling the strike, boycott and mass action, let’s be friends! #

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