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  1. so, when will it be available in South Africa?

    im due for upgrade, so i wanna know!!

  2. When will the Nokia N95 be available in South Africa, at what price?

  3. I have heard that it will be available from Nashua Mobile from the end of this month, it will be available on the MTN Pro call 300 and above package. I have placed my order and am porting to MTN and upgrading my contract at the end of this month.

    Good by Vodacom, I wish I could say that I will miss you.

  4. Hi Anon

    I have heard a similar thing from my service provider. I actually have 3 orders at three shops for the phone which is expected next week. I believe the cost on a ProCall 300 is R1 000 or so.

  5. Hi there

    I am not too sure where you could pick one up. It seems that these phones are a little hard to come by at the moment.

  6. What is the current cash price of the nokia n95 in south africa, and whats the cheapest cash price of the same phone and where? I heard on virgin mobile its arnd r8000

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