Twitter Updates for 2007-09-21

  • @unodewaal I wonder that every time I find myself in traffic these days. One reason I am grateful to work from home. #
  • I would like to wish all my Jewish contacts well over the Fast. It starts around 17:45 South African time #
  • Any ideas how to create a feed out of a Muti search? #
  • @Scobleizer You might also find this project interesting: #
  • Today is apparently Jaiku Friday. This post has some pretty interesting uses for Jaiku: #
  • @gino128 No, not at all. I have my Twitter feed running into Jaiku. #
  • @gino128 One approach is to decide which tool works best for what? #
  • @gino128 You can also just use Jaiku as a handy aggregator for your content and microblog on Twitter exclusively #
  • @gino128 You probably say my post about Jaiku – I just really prefer Jaiku at the moment #
  • @gino128 That can be a problem. Another option is not to route Twitter into Jaiku and cross post using Twitku #
  • @gino128 Bear in mind that due to the nature of microblogs, it is easy to miss stuff #
  • @gino128 I have been asking myself the same question and two things come to mind: #
  • @gino128 1. I am just being a really arrogant sod insisting everyone join me on Jaiku #
  • @gino128 2. Persuading people to move to a new service is often done by excellent example #
  • @gino128 More like being an early adopter … remember not everyone thought the earth rotated around the sun #
  • @gino128 Now that would be a thought, being a paid Jaiku evangelist #
  • @gino128 Just had to look @redsoda up there … 😛 #
  • Anyone know if Facebook events have feeds? #
  • Amatomu is slooooowww lately #
  • Tertia Albertyn has just added some old photos to the iHeritage mix #
  • @meerkatje Hey, why don’t you consider tagging them for iHeritage and licensing them under CC license? #
  • Brilliant! Muti (South Africa’s Digg) is now on Jaiku. Yet another way to get your Muti goodness: #

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