Twitter Updates for 2007-09-13

  • Looks like the Quechup scam is picking up steam here in SA. #
  • I’m using Jaiku quite a bit more these days. #
  • Jaiku’s new im access and the mobile app for Series 60 devices make Jaiku very convenient. #
  • @CraigN I really prefer many aspects of Jaiku to Twitter but I can’t just stop using Twitter, all you guys are here! Jaiku is worth it tho. #
  • @jenniferjones Interesting story about story telling through social media. Could activities like Twitter be part of a grand story, perhaps? #
  • I get spam on my mobile phone from Video Town … on my phone! Is nothing sacred? #
  • @EveD Which events? #
  • @EveD Ok, thought there may be some local events #
  • @EveD I actually know about one next month too which I think I am attending. Bit vague on details. #

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