Twitter Updates for 2007-09-09

  • Guy McLaren has resorted to personal attacks to try maintain the high ground … so to speak #
  • I take issue with Guy McLaren’s attack on journalists, Nic H and Charl VN: #
  • – why I quit Quechup #
  • @ the Garden Shop in Rosebank for lunch and a housewarming gift. #
  • Enjoying this Spring weather. Not a fan of serious summer heat though. #
  • I have two clients with shops in Parktown Quarter, the one is an antique shop called 1 on 1 Antiques and the other is Moemas. #
  • @stii My wife loves that bit about the alley cat, slug and dead chicken. She thinks it is the funniest thing she has read in a while. #
  • My wife just told me it is a good thing I am so good looking with morals of an alley cat, brain of slug & the personality of a dead chicken #
  • … what else is there for her? #
  • Getting back to more serious stuff, if you are in the area, check out Moemas. Fantastic shop, doing some innovative stuff with food. #
  • Done for tonight. Only cranked out one column on changes to search technologies. Hopefully another tomorrow. #
  • Bed time for me … #

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  1. Aquila avatar

    Hey thanks for the cool comments – you totally rock!

  2. Aquila avatar

    Hey thanks for the cool comments – you totally rock!

  3. Paul avatar

    No dude, YOU rock!

  4. Paul avatar

    No dude, YOU rock!

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