Twitter Updates for 2007-08-28

  • @justinhartman Congrats to both of you! #
  • Chaos at my house today. Have handyman and waterproofing people here working #
  • Just been interviewed over the phone by Sunday Times again about copyright infringement #
  • Heading to ST’s offices in an hour for a video interview too #
  • @stii Thanks dude #
  • Hello @rabbitseatit #
  • aka Vincent #
  • @stii Indeedy. Twitter is now worth using with the likes of Mr Maher using it #
  • @The_Lush Be sure to share now … #
  • @The_Lush I am a lawyer, when they get to me it is often bad news too 😛 #
  • The video of my interview will be up on The Times Multimedia site tomorrow if all goes well. #
  • Like the look of the Nokia E90. Big but cool featureset. #
  • Getting a tall harmless sugar mommy latte from the Seattle in The Zone. #
  • Realised I have a voucher for a free latte. Bonus! #
  • Decided to head home in peak traffic. #

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