Twitter Updates for 2007-08-24

  • Doing month end billing #
  • Spent the morning doing billing. Time consuming but I like knowing what is being invoiced. #
  • At the Carlton Hair in Hyde Park for a long overdue haircut. One of two luxury items in my budget. Kinda. #
  • Ok, think a kilo of hair was cut off me! #
  • Late lunch at Vida in Sandton. #
  • Ok, my Captcha on chilibean is really pissing me off now – anyone know how to convert to WP from Drupal? #
  • @stii Yes and it was a very silly idea! #
  • The plugins for Drupal are just crappy. There is no decent spam control tool that compares to what I use in WP #
  • @stii I don’t know actually. There are tools to migrate to Drupal, not sure if there is anything to migrate from Drupal to WP #
  • Thanks @PaulWalsh Appreciate the help! #
  • @PaulWalsh Thanks very much. I have chatted to some of the Drupal developers and there seems to be a gap in functionality #

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