Twitter Updates for 2007-08-20

  • Heading off to an iCommons meeting #
  • Latest thinking about my potentially failing Powerbook is to replace hard drive and save for new Macbook. #
  • I could really go for a good latte right now … #
  • Has anyone used Yahoo Pipes for multimedia content streams? #
  • Jaiku channel for iCommons’ iHeritage Day activities now up at #
  • @Unodewaal You can get to it at #
  • @unodewaal Yup, I am all over the place #
  • The Sunday Times is really milking this Manto story! #
  • Meeting my financial advisor in Morningside #
  • Firefox is far better for many Google apps, including Google Reader … #
  • Removing components of Office 2004 from my Mac #
  • I’m with Tertia on this one: #
  • I am generally pretty interested in posts about boobs. I also think some people are self righteous gits! #

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