Twitter Updates for 2007-07-24

  • @danieroux Is that the Vida opposite Sandown Village? It is a really nice one with that outside deck area. #
  • @danieroux Very convenient!  A friend of mine’s brother owns that shop #
  • Off to my mom for supper … #
  • How many Twitter friends of mine also use Jaiku? Why the preference for Twitter over Jaiku? Is Pownce next or a flash in the pan? #
  • @MaxKaizen Twitter is great and really simple but I prefer Jaiku because it does what Twitter does and lots more. Some things better … … #
  • @MaxKaizen #
  • @DaveDuarte I’m not sure about Pownce myself. Ltd broadband means file sharing of limited value. Perhaps bcos Pownce still early days? #
  • @DaveDuarte Yeah, that is another feature I am not sure about. I have and tumblelog for links. #
  • @DaveDuarte Take a look at and let me know what you think? Enjoy gym tomorrow. U R inspiring! #

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