Blogging is infectious … who did you infect?

(Caution: unabashed expression of pride ahead …)

So, have you influenced people to start blogging? Today my wife got back into her blog and posted her first real blog post since she started her account. I’m not sure how much of an influence I was because she cites Tertia as her influence. I couldn’t think of many better influences than one of our most successful bloggers.

Gina's blog

Gina blogs on Vox (which I have spoken about a couple times in the past) which is an awesome platform for people not too concerned about stats and advanced customisations. The one thing about Vox is that you have to have an account to comment on Vox blogs but considering that the accounts are free, there is a lot of storage space for content uploads and people like Leo Laporte use Vox as their personal blog, you will be in good company signing up.

So back to my initial thought about the infectious nature of blogging. Have you influenced people to start blogging? Where do they blog? Are they still going at it?

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