Check your traffic fines online

Those of us who have heard the horror stories about Metro Police arresting people at road blocks for their failure to pay traffic fines now have a measure of comfort (if you live in Joburg).  ITWeb has reported as follows:

The Johannesburg Metro Police Department (JMPD) has created a Web site to allow motorists to check if they have outstanding traffic fines.

The site, part of the Joburg will help motorists access information regarding outstanding warrants and summons. The site follows the creation of a mobile fine system.

The JMPD is also planning to add an online fine payment system on the site to help offenders to make immediate payments.

The City of Johannesburg’s strategy is to promote technology-driven crime prevention and ensure the department’s bylaw enforcement system meets global standards," says JMPD director Derek Masoek.

"The JMPD partnered with 2Big Mobile Applications, a black economic empowerment company, to develop the Web facility. The Web site forms part of 2Big’s Mobile Integrated Information System five-part project that piloted in 2003.

During the first phase of the project, officers accessed relevant information via cellphone by entering a car’s registration number. In the second phase, a management system was introduced to track the officers’ daily activities. The third phase, announced in September, is a mobile traffic fine system.

The JMPD has also established an offender notification contact centre, staffed with six operators.

I took the site for a spin.  You have to register on the site first and it seems that you can also access rates and taxes info from this site too.  Thankfully I don’t have any outstanding warrants (the service only really covers outstanding warrants, not the fine you just got for speeding on the freeway) and the City knows exactly where I am for future reference …

A number of people have been posting ID numbers in the comments to this post. This is a very bad idea! You are compromising your security. Also, I am not the online service you use to check for fines. Please either go to the site I mention in this post or look at a site like Payfine.





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