New fiction

It turns out that Lisa LeDemure is also an amateur writer.  She posts parts of stories she is working on at musings, her writer’s blog.

He had of course noticed her toes in the window, she was quite the
creature. She rarely brushed her mane of wavy brown hair, yet so
meticulous in the care of her feet. She painted her nails red in the
parking lot of the Wal-Mart in Moab while he checked under the hood of
the Volvo in sheer wonder at why the air conditioner had stopped
working. He hadn’t a clue about it, but he looked, no water and no oil
anywhere and no Volvo dealer for another 1000 miles unless they
detoured to Denver. Sure, there were the little mom and pop places
along the way but the car was still under warrantee, he’d be able to
get it fixed at no cost in Dallas. No air conditioning for another 1000
miles and Lucy sat quietly painting her nails. He had to admit her toes
looked so cute up there in the window and the paint actually accented
her thick calves and petite toes quite nicely. He could feel himself
rise just a little beneath his Dockers.






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