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  • Nice to know that Keanu Reeves is a genuinely nice person

    I stumbled across this post on Kottke.org about how “Keanu Reeves Keeps His Hands to Himself“, and linked through to another story about how he’s a genuinely nice, and generous person. This second story is based on a Reddit thread that includes anecdotes from people who have met Reeves, and is worth reading. What I […]

  • Celebrating Women in Tech with the awesome #WITBragDay meme

    My favourite meme at the moment is the awesome #WITBragDay meme on Twitter that celebrates women in tech. It seems to have been started by Alice Goldfuss with her tweet.

  • Being a parent gives you superpowers

    You know how we tell our kids that we have superpowers like being able to see them doing crazy stuff through walls? Well, sometimes those aren’t myths.

  • The NeverEnding Story finally makes sense to me

    I watched The NeverEnding Story with our kids this evening and it all finally made sense to me, partly with the help of a quote by Neil Gaiman.

  • “The turning point was … finding out it was postnatal depression”

    Postnatal depression is nasty but it can be beaten if you understand what you are dealing with and if you seek help, together.

  • I am still amazed at how smart machines are when it comes to understanding what we include in our photos. I just ran two simple searches on Facebook and Google+ Photos of my photos and received these results: I think Google’s machine learning is better when it comes to semantic searches although I haven’t conducted any […]