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  • This may not be the best option for everyone, but in this case this citizen fought back against violent crime in South Africa, and it worked really well. https://twitter.com/sure_kamhunga/status/1038424011326324736

  • “The removal of Nene was ‘not breaking the economy’”

    I think President Zuma pretty much hit the nail on the head when he said that his removal of Nene wasn’t the cause of South Africa’s flirtation with economic disaster in December 2015, at least in more general terms.

  • Bureaucracy and South Africa’s new Immigration Act rules

    I just read an interesting overview of South Africa’s new Immigration Act rules which have just kicked in which require international travelers entering and leaving South Africa to produce birth certificates and identity documentation for kids and parents. Two things stand out for me. The first is the administrative headache traveling to and from South Africa with […]

  • Johnny Clegg is one reason not to give up on South Africa

    I haven’t made a particular effort to hold on to the South African part of my identity since we became Israelis but, listening to Johnny Clegg and Savuka on Rdio, his music reminds me that there are reasons not to give up on South Africa despite its substantial challenges (xenophobia, poor leadership, corruption, crumbling infrastructure […]

  • South African anti-Semitism means the country is like most others

    I came across the Citizen’s article titled “Alleged anti-semitic attack in Rosebank ” on Facebook today. According to the Citizen: The assailants allegedly hurled antisemitic insults at the youths and physically assaulted two of the three youngsters. “[The Jewish boys] were wearing kippah [yarmulke],” said Kahn, who stated that the attack was motivated by antisemitism, […]

  • Finally home in Israel where we belong

    Facebook’s well meaning year end round-up isn’t appealing to everyone. It is supposed to present an upbeat summary of a positive 2014 but 2014 wasn’t a positive year for many people. It was a terrible year for me in many respects and were it not for my family and where we have wound up, 2014 […]

  • South Africa is in electricity overdraft

    Interesting statement about this weekend’s rolling blackouts: Eskom has also taken a decision to load shed over the weekend in order to build up reserves for the week ahead. That sounds a lot like: Eskom is all out of power, we’re going to cut your power so we can charge up the batteries a little […]

  • Roughly 12 000 people attended the South African Solidarity Rally for Israel on 3 August, partly in response to vocal and widespread condemnation of Israel and its campaign to defend itself from recent attacks by Hamas from Gaza. It was a remarkable event and the crowd was diverse and united in its support for the […]