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Today is powered by Sam Feldt

My work day is powered by my SoundCloud mix, “Music to smooth my work days” and one mix by Sam Feldt, in particular, works well for me today:

Sam Feldt – Vuurvlieg (Mixtape) by Sam Feldt

I really like the change around 20:40 or so but this is the sort of track you can just run for the hour or so it lasts and focus on some work. I like Sam Feldt’s mixes on SoundCloud, really good for those times I don’t want to mess with playlists and let something different run while I work. He often includes quotes in the beginning of these long mixes. I wrote about another one I like a while ago:

Steve Jobs just makes this mix for me

One thing I would love to see is SoundCloud’s playback controls integrated into my Mac’s music playback controls when I am listening to SoundCloud. I keep hitting the “play/pause” button when someone wants to speak to me and it launches iTunes or continues a track in an open iTunes playlist by mistake.

I also just found a playlist with all of Feldt’s “mixtapes” (very retro) on SoundCloud which I am going to dive into one day when I have a big writing project:

All Sam Feldt mixtapes by Sam Feldt

Enjoy the rest of your day!

Update (2016-01-26): Sam Feldt replied to my post tweet on Twitter a few minutes after it was published. I get a kick out of quick feedback like this!

Image credit: “Record Player” from Unsplash, released under a CC0 dedication


A perfect track for introspection


Music for work

Music plays a huge role in my life. I listen to a lot of music and I’m pretty picky about my music. I’m not even remotely an audiophile but I don’t bother with crappy quality music downloads. I want 256kbps at a minimum and I prefer the AAC format.

I’ve started listening to music on SoundCloud a lot lately. I have found quite a bit of music that works really well for me when I work and its great quality. I created a playlist of some great music for work which is my default when I start working and I thought I’d share it:

Music to smooth my work days by Paul Jacobson

I’ve also started using Apple Music (3 month free trial – why not?) and I like it quite a lot! The selection is great and I like many of the suggested play lists. It also ties into the store where I buy my music (Apple Music is basically a gateway to music purchases) so that works well for me too.

Image source: Nine Inch Nails, licensed CC BY-NC-SA 2.0