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  • Shopping in an iStore is great. The stores have open spaces, white counters, beautiful products everywhere and hordes of staff standing by to help out. While the staff having varying degrees of proficiency and knowledge about Apple products (I’ve heard some terrible advice to unsuspecting shoppers), you have to work fairly hard to avoid the […]

  • We’re at Sandton City for a movie tonight and these kids just take me back 20 or more years. This is basically what my group of friends and I looked like back then in the same mall and wearing pretty much the same clothes!

  • Sandton City‘s social media people asked me to direct message them regarding a joking exchange I had with Craig Jamieson on Twitter about an unpleasant experience I had at Sandton City recently. Its a bit of a story and not at all something to fit into a direct message so I’ll just blog it. Its […]