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  • Why I prefer to use Signal, and not WhatsApp

    Why I prefer to use Signal, and not WhatsApp

    What’s going on with WhatsApp? WhatsApp recently notified users that we will need to agree to changes to the WhatsApp privacy policy that enable Facebook to access our WhatsApp profile data, or we will need to stop using WhatsApp. This prompted a number of renewed calls for people to switch to alternatives such as Signal,…

  • Should You Quit Facebook?

    Whether you’re concerned about recent news about the extent of Facebook’s tracking or not, this discussion is worth watching: https://youtu.be/BVmFds19x5U

  • How communications networks harvest your data to personalize your Web experience

    This video is beautifully designed and made and nicely explains how data collected by our communications networks is sold and used to personalize our experience of the Web and the ads that are presented to us on the Web.