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  • Exploring Notion as an Evernote alternative

    I found myself exploring Notion as an Evernote alernative again, yesterday. I looked at it briefly about a year ago, and it didn’t seem like something that was worth switching to at the time. After all, I’ve been using Evernote for years, and given how much I was using Evernote, I wasn’t sure that investing […]

  • Stop taking detailed notes in meetings. It probably isn’t helping you as much as you’d think.

  • How Instapaper made me cry big tears of joy

    I use Instapaper every day and the day the app was updated to add highlights was a very happy one. Today’s update adds, among other things, notes that sync! Yes, Instapaper made me cry big tears of joy today. Annotate your Instapaper articles with Notes, now available on Instapaper 6.4! http://t.co/JATwoDQYDF — Instapaper (@instapaper) June 4, 2015 […]

  • Analogue blogging

    I did a long overdue clean-up with our kids this morning and found these old Moleskine journals from about a decade ago. I used these journals to capture thoughts, ideas and life drama. I want to capture these pages and I’m just debating how to do that. A flat-bed scanner is probably the way to […]