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  • The rat race and our search for Happiness

    Steve Cutts’ video titled “Happiness” is disturbingly accurate portrayal of so many aspects of our daily lives. When I watch this video, I can’t help but wonder why we buy into all these promises of happiness, and chase them so relentlessly?

  • Do fewer people trust bloggers?

    Do fewer people trust bloggers?

    Do fewer people trust bloggers the more people take to the Web to publish their thoughts and use their newfound publishing platforms to pitch their products, services and talents?

  • Your friendly, personified brand

    Your friendly, personified brand

    The personified brand is a smart marketing tactic that plays on our preference to deal with human beings rather than some or other impersonal brand.

  • Returning to a 14 year old career

    Returning to a 14 year old career

    One of the transitions I feel most comfortable about is my switch to a job in marketing for imonomy, an online in-image advertising company. It’s easy to think that my transition from being a lawyer to being a content marketing person is the real career shift. In some ways, it is, but I realised that…

  • Perhaps you should reconsider targeted advertising

    Perhaps you should reconsider targeted advertising

    A paradigm-shifting conversation with one of my editors prompted to consider the merit of not targeting online ads using consumers’ personal information. That, in turn, led to my latest article on MarkLives titled “Marketers should reconsider targeted online ads” which was published today: Conventional wisdom in the marketing industry seems to be that better targeted ads…

  • Unsubscribe CAPTCHA

    I receive a fair amount of unsolicited marketing email (you probably do, too) that manages to evade Google Mail’s spam filters. I usually just scroll down, find the “unsubscribe” link and opt-out. One of the emails I received today had an interesting unsubscribe “protection”. I’m accustomed to seeing a CAPTCHA mechanism to prevent automated email…

  • Mostly Bullshit

    I’ve rethought a lot of my life in the last 6 months or so since I was diagnosed as diabetic. It wasn’t so much that my diabetes was so out of control that I was facing imminent doom (at least I realised that when I got over the initial surprise and learned more about it)…

  • We shouldn't be subservient to marketers

    My recent encounter with Bay Point Trading left me thinking about a couple things including our relationship with marketers, generally. The more I thought about the encounter and the criticisms I received for my blog posts, the more I wondered what the appropriate response would be to similar encounters? My critics went to some lengths…