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  • How to respond to batsh*t crazy political environments

    How to respond to batsh*t crazy political environments

    I have been struggling with how to respond to/handle/cope with the current batsh*t crazy political environment in Israel. Particularly the so-called “Judicial Reform” legislation that our current government is pushing forward at a rapid pace. I asked ChatGPT how it suggests a Stoic would respond to this. It seemed to offer pretty sensible advice.

  • Israeli politics in a nutshell

    This exchange basically represents Israeli politics for me. 😂 Source: Times of Israel

  • Lawyers leading the indoctrinated public along a meaningless path

    Something that has been bugging me lately is how everyone seems to think about risk in terms of specific legislation, the most popular one these days being #POPI (in other words, the Protection of Personal Information Act). It’s not that I’m irritated that non-lawyers know more about legal developments. On the contrary, it is terrific…