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  • How to respond to batsh*t crazy political environments

    How to respond to batsh*t crazy political environments

    I have been struggling with how to respond to/handle/cope with the current batsh*t crazy political environment in Israel. Particularly the so-called “Judicial Reform” legislation that our current government is pushing forward at a rapid pace. I asked ChatGPT how it suggests a Stoic would respond to this. It seemed to offer pretty sensible advice.

  • Life in the Time of Coronavirus

    Life in the Time of Coronavirus

    We live in challenging times. Here in Israel we have the dual challenges of this new coronavirus, and having just had our third elections in the hope that our leaders will grow up, place Israel first, and form a sustainable government. Larger forces, and uncomfortable spaces The recent elections had been coming, so we knew…

  • In South Africa, “political objectives outweigh law”

    In South Africa, “political objectives outweigh law”

    John Robbie had a very interesting interview with political analyst Mzoxolo Mpolase that highlighted a growing trend in the ANC: this notion that politics and political objectives should trump the law: It echoes a tweet I shared this morning and on which I commented that the ANC seems to be yearning for the days of…

  • The President's relationship with the truth

    Pierre De Vos’ post titled In the age of consent, the buck stops with Number One is a typically lucid explanation why President Zuma’s contention that he was largely in the dark about (and perhaps shouldn’t even have known about) the upgrades to his Nkandla estate has “an adventurous relationship to the truth”. De Vos…

  • South Africa, a land of hopelessness and despair

    ​The ANC has squandered the opportunities the 1994 elections brought and South Africa is increasingly a place of unfulfilled promises and hopelessness. The New York Times has published an article which highlights the self-centered government we are currently afflicted with: Nowadays, the party is increasingly seen as interested mainly in self-enrichment, an impression underscored by…