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  • Writing should take that long

    Writing should take that long

    I recently learned the hard way that, yes, writing really should take that long. At least writing that is worth doing. There are very few shortcuts.

  • Insanity or a new model?

    Maybe your preferred model doesn’t work anymore and, instead of insisting on using it and expecting a different outcome, you should adopt a new model?

  • “… you just have to let go of what you thought should happen and live in what is happening.”

    “… you just have to let go of what you thought should happen and live in what is happening.”

    Ever notice how we fixate on how we think things should be and our attachment to that expectation just causes frustration and anxiety when things don’t actually turn out the way we expected? What would happen if we let go of that attachment and adapted to the circumstances we find ourselves in instead? I came across…

  • Blogging with less pressure

    Gina Trapani published her rules for blogging in her post about “Short-form blogging” which reminded me about an anxiety I still seem to have about blogging: if I’m not going to write a really substantive post, I shouldn’t bother. One of her rules is this one: If it’s a paragraph, it’s a post. Medium-sized content…

  • A father's advice to his daughter about words in magazines and make-up aisles

    I came across this terrific letter Dr Kelly Flanagan wrote to his daughter in a blog post titled “Words from a father to his daughter (from the makeup aisle)” which I want our daughter to hear when she is old enough to affected by them. Two paragraphs really stood out for me: When you have…

  • From privacy to publicity and the #JugCam debate

    The #JugCam debate is a minefield and its probably not a good idea for anyone other than a woman feminist to say or write anything about it. Any perspective other than a feminist one is sure to be as incorrect as any answer to the dreaded “Do I look fat in this?” question. If you…