“Narrow, fragile, and right-wing-Orthodox …”

Prime Minister and Defense Minister at Weaponry Display (2011)

Israeli politics fascinate me far more than I understand the dynamics (which I barely do). Times of Israel’s editor, David Horovitz, has an interesting op-ed piece titled “Netanyahu promised a ‘better, more stable government.’ And we got this?” which has me wondering if estimates of our return to the polls for another election in 2…… Continue reading “Narrow, fragile, and right-wing-Orthodox …”

Someone I was chatting to after the 2014 elections, last week, made an interesting comment. He said that if the old Apartheid-era National Party had educated all South Africans better (and not just white South Africans), the ANC under Jacob Zuma would have had a more challenging time selling themselves with all the corruption in… Continue reading Could the old Apartheid government have saved us from Zuma's ANC?