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  • Israelis helping each other through this difficult time

    Israelis helping each other through this difficult time

    Despite being caught by surprise on 7 October, Israelis sprang into action and started helping each other almost as soon as news about the brutal attacks spread. While our government stumbles and is barely visible in this crisis, Israelis are unifying as we hoped we would (and feared we may not after nine months of…

  • Sidewalk mosaic

    Sidewalk mosaic

    The city adorned a path leading up to a local community center with a series of mosaics. I took a walk out there this morning, and took photos of them. One of the concrete panels is blank, which is a little odd. Hopefully that will also be filled at some point.

  • A return to a sense of belonging and the tragedy that preceded it

    If anything, the global Jewish community should be looking for more ways to unite, no push each other away. Tanya’s story about her return to a sense of belonging is heartwarming.

  • We are not in Twitterville anymore, at least not how you remember it

    Twitter is most definitely not what it used to be in a number of respects: “These are the features that make Twitter Twitter,” Sippey wrote, referring to expanded tweets. For established Twitter users and developers, that statement is hard to swallow. For one thing, expanded tweets are a brand-new product that hasn’t been around long…