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  • My favourite shell command for today – prepend lines of text in seconds

    I’m working on a lead generation project for a client this week that, interestingly, led me to a simple, time-saving shell command that enables me to prepend lines of text with a quotation mark. It’s more impressive than it sounds.

  • Real-time, date-time JavaScript code for your website

    I wanted to create a live date/time string for Modi’in Bus. My goal was to use JavaScript to insert a line that stated the current date and time. This is my solution that makes use of the getDate() method.

  • I uploaded a video as part of a short post earlier this week and I noticed that it didn’t display particularly well in the post. I could have shared to YouTube first and embedded the video but thought I’d see what a direct upload would do. Turns out, not much.  Surely it is possible to […]

  • Mark Zuckerberg is building a “Jarvis” personal AI

    I think we are going to have this sort of personal AI (or, at least, a very smart, responsive system) in the near future. I’m looking forward to being able to talk to my home using natural language, have it do stuff for me and give me information.

  • Cracking the kiddie code

    I’ve been thinking about our kids and their quirks and triggers a little more lately. In one sense it’s always on my mind because we interact with them daily, obviously, but what I mean is that I have been thinking about the little opportunities to understand our kids better as if they represent codes we […]

  • @pauljacobson laws are relevant after an event, culture dictates before. — Craig Rodney (@Craigrodney) July 25, 2013 Craig Rodney wrote a post I agree with, to a degree, earlier today and which he titled "Cultivating a social culture”. He makes an argument for culture’s primacy as a preventative tool for many risks and I agree […]