An awesome thread about developers’ careers

Stephanie Hurlburt asked for stories from developers about their career paths on Twitter, and it quickly became one of the best threads I’ve read in a while.

Thoughts about careers when I grow up

Jamie Rubin’s post titled “What I Want to Be When I Grow Up” reminded me about a few thoughts of my own about what I want to do with my life when I grow up.

“The work … is the real reason we need you to be here, with us.”

Your job is not your work and your work is not your job. As usual, Seth Godin has a wonderful perspective on associations we often take for granted. This time, about work.

School fees for writers

School fees for writers are those experiences you go through when you learn to write more effectively. Just being a good writer isn’t enough. You have to learn to adapt your writing for your objectives and that can feel like starting from scratch.

A resignation letter you don’t want to have to write

Leaving aside the damage this poor guy may have done to his career prospects, this is one heck of a farewell letter which was written as this guy left his employment with JPMorgan Chase. When I read this I can identify with the sentiment to a degree and it really sad that some big companies […]

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