Chromecast sold me on Apple TV but it’s complicated

The Google Chromecast is a wonderful device. I love using it and it has sold me on the idea of an Apple TV. That said, the decision to buy one is a complicated one.

Jamboard and Surface Studio are hints of our future tech

Google Jamboard is a hint of the future of how we will interface with our data and collaborate with each other. In itself, it isn’t a dramatic leap forward but it is a step nevertheless.

Parent hack for kids with devices

We have kids with devices and we came up with what I think is an ingenious parent hack to make sure they dress, eat and brush teeth in the mornings.

No more device guilt

All those notifications and conversations can rapidly become sources of guilt. One solution is just not to create the profiles in the first place.

No more support for WhatsApp on BlackBerry

WhatsApp is dropping support for BlackBerry devices along with a number of older devices in 2016. No more WhatsApp on BlackBerry will likely only accelerate BlackBerry’s demise.

Still keen to try a #Chromebook? @Dell has a nice one.

I’m pretty keen to try a Chromebook and see how much of what I need to do at work can be done with just one of these. This Dell Chromebook looks pretty compelling, if I was going to buy one … Here is an intro from the product announcement: Dell today announced the continued expansion […]

Would you buy a Leica that just shoots in black and white?

Leica has released a new camera that just shoots in black and white. It is the Leica M Monochrom, it retails for about $7,450 and it is a beautiful camera. Leaving aside the cost, I’m wondering about the use case for a camera that only shoots black and white? Leica commissioned Ragnar Axelsson to spend […]

Just give me a bigger phone, keep the iPad

Om Malik published an interesting post about Apple’s iPhone sales and the impact the iPhone 6+ seems to be having on iPad sales. He singled out the larger iPhone 6+ in particular: If you want to see the impact of the iPhone 6+, look no further than iPad sales:¬†about $9 billion during the quarter, which […]

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