Category: Mindsets

  • Life in the Time of Coronavirus

    We live in challenging times. Here in Israel we have the dual challenges of this new coronavirus, and having just had our third elections in the hope that our leaders will grow up, place Israel first, and form a sustainable government. Larger forces, and uncomfortable spaces The recent elections had been coming, so we knew […]

  • Jocks playing Dungeons and Dragons

    When you think about the types of people who play the game, you probably don’t think of jocks playing Dungeons and Dragons, but they do. The stereotypical DnD player is probably a pimply teenager in their basement, or something, but this doesn’t give you an accurate picture of who is playing the game these days […]

  • The challenge of sending kids to school when you work remotely

    This tweet basically encapsulates the challenge of trying to persuade kids to go to school when you work remotely (and from home): In discussions like these, you just need to resort to your authority as the parent … 😂 unsplash-logoNeONBRAND

  • “… you fail, only if you don’t learn from failure.”

    Failure is very much a part of our daily life experience. How we approach failure is important. Om Mailk published a terrific post about failure, titled “Failure is part of learning“. It’s well worth reading. The morning also reminded me of a vital life lesson: you fail only if you don’t learn. A lesson successfully […]

  • Bad days happen to everyone

    We all have bad days, and I had a particularly rough day yesterday. I made some mistakes in how I handled a situation, and created a bit of a mess for a colleague (thankfully not a customer, though). I felt pretty lousy afterwards, and my confidence took a knock. Objectively, it probably wasn’t that big […]

  • One of my colleagues shared a terrific question she asks herself in the mornings if she’s not in an ideal mood when that alarm goes off. It really appeals to me, and I thought I’d share it: “How do you want to show up to the world today?” I think this works pretty well for […]

  • The greatest propaganda machine in history

    Sacha Baron Cohen recently spoke about how social media services have become the “greatest propaganda machine in history”. Much of the media’s focus, when reporting on his remarks, was on his attack on Facebook. While he certainly targeted Facebook, he also spoke about how Google, YouTube, and Twitter shape online discourse, and how they help […]

  • Sitting with difficult emotions

    I noticed this quote on Tumblr. I’ve noticed on the few occasions I’m able to just sit with difficult emotions in a meditation, they tend not to be as monolithic as they otherwise seemed beforehand. On a related note, it’s been a while since I read anything by Jack Kornfield. I really enjoyed his book […]