Earth’s 5 continents

My daughter informed me that, according to her teacher, there are 5 continents: The Americas (because North and South America are connected) Africa Australia Europe Asia (no comment on how connected Europe and Asia are) Antarctica is apparently just a really big block of ice ... The world really has changed since I was at…

Break Through it all with this track

Listened Break Through - Club Mix by Sons of Maria from Spotify
I've been listening to the Lounge - Soft House playlist on Spotify a lot lately, and the Sons of Maria track, Break Through - Club Mix, really appeals to me. I have it on repeat at the moment.

A perspective on what it’s like to be a Jew in the United Kingdom at the moment

Replied to
Thank you for the thread. You offer a valuable perspective on what it feels like to be a Jew in the UK. You shouldn't be victimised for being a Jew, certainly not because of a distorted view of what our government is doing to keep us safe, here in Israel.

VS Code has a little too much of the old Microsoft

Update (2018-09-18): I had this wrong. I was able to disable the Live Share and Azure extensions in VS Code. I just wasn't paying close enough attention to the error messages I highlighted below. You can disable the both the Azure and Live Share extensions by first disabling their dependencies. In the case of Live…

Where does the expression “Ok” come from?

Why we say "OK"
I watched this Vox video about the origins of one of the most common expressions I use each day, "Ok": I use this so often, I rarely pause to think about its origins. It's a pretty interesting story too! OK (or okay, ok, or k) might just be the most widely spoken word in…

The lonely side of remote work

Rian linked to an interesting article about the challenges of working remotely titled "What Most Remote Companies Don’t Tell You About Remote Work". I started reading it to get a sense of it, then sent it to my Pocket queue to read later. This is how the article begins, it will give you an idea…
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