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Full Captain America and Thor trailers and they look awesome

This year looks like it will be Marvel’s year with a number of movies coming out. I just watched this full Captain America trailer and the movie looks awesome:

I am also really excited about Thor which comes out in May:

I haven’t been a big Marvel comics fan (my preferences have been in the DC Universe) but these representations of the characters look terrific. I am also looking forward to the soundtracks (I love movie soundtracks).

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Watching Star Trek with my little girl

We had a rainy Sunday afternoon and settled in to watch Star Trek again. Both our kids dozed for about half the movie and we watched the end of it more or less together. I managed to get a relatively decent shot of my and my daughter sitting together.


Very cool footage from the Green Lantern movie opening in 2011!

Very cool footage from the Green Lantern movie opening in 2011!

greengreenstuff (via MrIrOnPaTrIoT)

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If this were science fiction …

I’m still trying to get my head around the fact that is 2010 tomorrow. I realised that according to some popular science fiction stories, we should have ships somewhere in orbit around Jupiter by now.

Science fiction stories like 2010 are curious stories. 2010 was set in the context of tension between the United States and the Soviet Union. The movie features the famous HAL 9000 artificial intelligence and pseudo-villain of the story. In our time we have barely left Earth, might be returning to the Moon some day and Mars looks like a destination we might reach in a few more decades.

When it comes to our technology, we don’t really have AI in our daily life but who knows what the military is playing with. We could have a HAL 9000-SkyNet slowly waking up. Then again, we might be a few more innovations away from Google’s various services meshing together and becoming self-aware. That is probably just bad science fiction but the year ahead doesn’t seem to be as advanced as science fiction would have it in some respects and yet, in other respects we seem to have even more advanced technology.

I guess that is the problem with science fiction that is set in the near future. More often than not we get to that point in time and still don’t have flying cars, hoverboards or super smart, connected data networks.

Oh, wait …


The Golden Cross … I mean, Compass

Warning: this post may offend sensitive people, small furry animals and Christian fundamentalists still toiling in the 1800s – sadly my sarcasm filter broke and I won’t have a new one installed till Tuesday.  Please don’t think I hate Christians, some of my best friends are Christians.  Honest.

I couldn’t resist writing this post when I read how some Christian coalition is intent on boycotting the evil/demonic/satanic/not nice movie, The Golden Compass, which has just opened and which I am skipping off to with my wife and friends tomorrow night.  There is apparently a concerted effort to boycott the movie:

According to an anonymous message distributed via email and SMS, the film is about “two children who kill God so that they can do what they want”. Sinisterly, the message goes on to state: “Rapport het geluister. As ons saam staan [sic], sal sterkinekor [sic] ook moet luister.” [Rapport listened. If we work together, Ster-Kinekor will also have to listen].

Oh jeez … I mean, my God … um, holy moley … erg, was that all blasphemous? Sorry. What I mean to say is that I have watched the traliers for the movie and man it looks like an awesome fantasy with amazing special effects that might just entertain me and my friends. Turning this into some kind of Crusade (are we due for another one already?) is going just a teensy bit too far.  As is equating appreciation of this movie "being deceived and blinded by Satan under guise of freedom of expression".

I never really understand this sort of fanaticism.  It is a fantasy movie for goodness sake.  If you don’t want to watch it then don’t.  If it appeals to you, go for it.  There should be plenty seats with the boycott and all.

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I just watched the full trailer for a new JJ Abrams movie coming out in January 2008.  It is apparently a monster movie along the lines of a Godzilla but written for the USA.  Here is a basic synopsis from the official site:

Now watch the teaser trailer.  It is reminiscent of the Blair Witch Project and could be quite an intense movie:

The full trailer is at the official site and is even more intense.  I just can’t work out how to embed it here but it is worth taking a look.

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It’s Zach Braff’s birthday

I just noticed on IMDB that today is Zach Braff‘s birthday.

Zach is the genius behind Scrubs and is in a new movie called The Ex which I am looking forward to seeing. Here is a trailer from YouTube:

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Mel Gibson doesn’t like to be wrong

Mel Gibson was giving a speech recently at the Cal State Northridge about his movie Apocalypto (saw it, was pretty hectic and I enjoyed it) and he was challenged on his portrayal of the Mayans by an authority on the topic.  His response was less than friendly …

Ok, he told the academic to "fuck off".  Nice.  Very mature.  Good to see he is confident in his research and portrayal of yet another ancient culture.

(Source: The Superficial)

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