Loose-leaf South African legal textbooks looking for a new home

I have a number of loose-leaf legal textbooks which I don’t need anymore and I would like to sell them as quickly as possible. None of these volumes are up to date and while I have a couple piles of updates, they may not be complete and certainly are not the most recent ones either. […]

Correlation between being gay and being a computer user?

I noticed this odd book section placement at Exclusive Books in Rosebank The Zone. Is this a trend?

20 things you can learn about browsers and the Web … from an ebook

I just came across this awesome ebook from the Google Chrome team titled “20 Things I Learned About Browsers and the Web“. One of the cool things about the book is that it is not downloadable but is rather coded in HTML 5. I haven’t read it yet but it looks like a goodie!

"PDF" ebooks from kalahari.net won't work on your Kindle

I got excited when I saw that kalahari.net offers “PDF” ebooks and bought a book on the Consumer Protection Act (the link contains an affiliate link) in the hope that I could read it on my Kindle DX. It took a little doing to get the book as kalahari.net experienced a glitch with its system […]

Amazon Kindle free 3G – "free" as in $2 more

It turns out that when Amazon says international Kindle users get free 3G for their 3G enabled Kindles, they really mean international customers pay an extra $2 for their books. I just read a post on Download Squad that points out a $2 discrepancy between Canadian (and presumably US) pricing and international pricing. Since I’m […]

Kindle for Android app is now available

I just noticed that the Kindle app for Android is available. DeWitt Clinton posted a few thoughts about the Kindle for Android app on Buzz and I rushed to the Kindle for Android page on the Amazon site for the lowdown and a link to the download page on the Android Marketplace. Amazon’s Kindle service […]

Want an eReader? The iPad probably isn't for you.

I have been resisting the urge to speculate about the iPad since it was announced. I have a history of seizing upon the latest Apple/Nokia gear and proclaiming it to be the next best thing since the printed word (or the last Apple/Nokia gear). I have generally been wrong about just how awesome the device […]

Getting some more focus with OmniFocus

I really like the “Getting Things Done” methodology and while I am still reading the book I think I have picked up enough of the methodology to create a fairly workable productivity workflow. The methodology itself is fairly straightforward and the challenge is making a concerted effort to do what you need to do to […]

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