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  • Sidewalk mosaic

    Sidewalk mosaic

    The city adorned a path leading up to a local community center with a series of mosaics. I took a walk out there this morning, and took photos of them. One of the concrete panels is blank, which is a little odd. Hopefully that will also be filled at some point.

  • A peek inside Alex Ross’ studio (and his collection)

    I’m a huge fan of Alex Ross’ work, especially for DC Comics. I have a couple graphic novels that he did the artwork for, and they’re some of my favourite books. CBS This Morning’s Anthony Mason visited Ross in his studio, and spoke to him about his career painting superheroes. Ross’ “toy” collection, alone, is…

  • Light catchers

    I really like my wife’s latest DIY project: these colourful light catchers.

  • City benches

    City benches

    I went for a walk to drop off some library books. The machine that I wanted to use to drop off the books was out of order. I found some decorated, though weathered, city benches along the way.

  • The beautiful complexity of the human brain

    Self Reflected offers a stunnng view of the human brain’s architecture. It is mesmerising.

  • Obscurity and why artists make art

    Obscurity and why artists make art

    I’m not sure how I feel about Kahlil Gibran’s thoughts about why artists make art. It rings true for me and I suppose that may be why I am resisting it, somewhat.

  • The girl on a wall

    The girl on a wall

    Every workday morning, for about a year, I saw this girl on a wall as I exited the Tel Aviv Central train station in Ramat Gan. I found her captivating and kept promising myself that I would take photos of her for my collection.

  • Google is preserving our heritage in gigapixels

    Google is preserving our heritage in gigapixels

    Google is preserving our heritage with the Google Cultural Institute’s new Art Camera in incredible detail and it is wonderful.