Jamboard and Surface Studio are hints of our future tech

Google Jamboard is an exciting step into our future.

Google Jamboard is a hint of the future of how we will interface with our data and collaborate with each other. In itself, it isn’t a dramatic leap forward but it is a step nevertheless.

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Thoughts about my father and fatherhood on his birthday

My father, me and my siblings in an old slide photo

Even though I almost always feel like I am falling short of my expectations of what it is to be a good father, perhaps having those expectations is a testament to my father.

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If I could just go back in time and make better decisions …

Ever wish you could go back in time and make a different choice?

Ever imagine you could go back in time and make better choices? What if you flipped that around and asked whether you could make better decisions today that you won’t wish you could change in the future?

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The tools I use to be productive with ADHD


Having ADHD doesn’t mean the end to productivity. What it means is that you need to develop a productivity system that plays to your strengths and reduces the likelihood you’ll wander off chasing squirrels.

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The Beastie Boys made my favourite Star Trek Beyond scene

Star Trek Beyond artwork

One of my favourite scenes in Star Trek Beyond was a major battle scene that used a track from the first reboot movie. It was a perfect choice!

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“Dictators free themselves but they enslave the people”

A scene from Charlie Chaplin's The Great Dictator

More than 70 years later we still have our own dictators who promise to protect their citizens from perceived enemies from convenient threats.

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Still support Trump? Have you no self-respect?

Still support Trump? Why?

The latest news about Donald Trump’s attitudes towards women doesn’t really shock me. I am still amazed that people support Trump.

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Family photos are a generational thing

Beach photo memories in Google Photos

Family photos are immensely important to me. They are our memories and I make a point of capturing as much as I can and storing them for future generations.

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