Could Batman v Superman Ultimate Edition Be Better?

Batman v Superman with Wonder Woman

The Batman v Superman Ultimate Edition could be the movie I hoped for when I first saw it in the cinema. It adds 30 more minutes of story and action and I’m excited about it.

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Journalism as a service

kaboompics.com_Man reading newspaper

One of Jeff Jarvis’ suggestions for creating a more sustainable news publishing industry is to treat journalism as a service, rather than as a commodity content factory. That appeals to me and I hope that is what the future holds.

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“The work … is the real reason we need you to be here, with us.”

Teams at work

Your job is not your work and your work is not your job. As usual, Seth Godin has a wonderful perspective on associations we often take for granted. This time, about work.

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“One of the hardest parts about writing …”

About writing and people's attitudes towards writing

I found another great quote about writing and how people’s perceptions about writing can be really problematic.

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The stunning Israeli rhythmic gymnastics squad

Israeli Rhythmic Gymnastics squad

I had to share this video of the Israeli rhythmic gymnastics squad which recently won the gold medal at the European Championships. It is incredible.

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Twitter says #ThankYouDad

Twitter bird

Twitter celebrated Father’s Day with a fun series of tweets and the hashtag, #ThankYouDad. I love this stuff and had to share two tweets I enjoyed.

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“I just don’t want to make your day worse, Dad”


My daughter sobbed that she didn’t want to make my day worse by not listening to me when I told her and her brother to get ready for bed. She reminded me about what is really important.

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Joy and Shabbos candles

Shabbos candles

Shabbos candles have lit up my home for decades and their light literally lifts my spirits. When those candles are lit, everything feels like it will be ok.

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