Challenging #FML

Not alone

At first #FML was a rare sighting online and, slowly, it began to find more use as people tweeted about their misfortunes online. The term has its own website featuring everyday uses and it is probably one of the most depressing memes I’ve seen online. Why am I not in Virginia beach right now eating […]

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Build your own platform

Working at Wolves

I’m sorting through notes in my oversized Evernote inbox and I came across a quote from Rian van der Merwe’s article titled “How to do what you love, the right way” which I mentioned in my post about doing what you love a while ago. How often does doing what you love seem to translate automatically into […]

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Trapani, time and transitions

Memories from my childhood

Gina Trapani spoke at the XOXO Festival recently and I finally watched her talk. I’ve followed Trapani for years now and when she mentioned that she spoke at the festival (hadn’t heard of it before) on an episode of This Week in Google, I made a mental note to watch the video. She talks about […]

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No more Lords and Ladies in our Courts

This is Mr. R.K. Law, pictured on the day he was called to the Bar

The various superior courts issue Practice Directions from time to time to update lawyers on best practices in those courts. The President of the Supreme Court of Appeal issued Practice Directions in the last few days which included this change to how lawyers should address Supreme Court of Appeal judges: The mode of address to the […]

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Bookmarking into the void

Pinboard__bookmarks_for_pauljacobson - blurred

I was reading a post titled “I’ve Been Using Evernote All Wrong. Here’s Why It’s Actually Amazing” and a comment the article’s author made about the Web Clipper got me thinking about bookmarks: Because I saved each article with the Web Clipper, I have the entire text of the article and the source link right there, […]

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Meaningless digital notes

Are words meaningless when they are digital? Words without meaning & the reality of networked communication: For instance, today is the birthday of one of my dear friends and I sent her an email and followed up with a text message exchange. Another friend in India, got a Skype call. To others I sit down and […]

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If you want to see your lawyer cry …

Processed with VSCOcam with c3 preset

Moderating yourself in the Information Age

The Bantry Bay coast line one morning at breakfast

Mike makes an appealing argument for integrity informed by a complete representation of your self online in his post titled “The Measure of Character in the Information Age“. He argues that we shouldn’t have to delete anything we publish if we conduct ourselves responsibly. At the same time, I believe he is also arguing that […]

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