Why Mark Zuckerberg wears the same t-shirt every day


I just watched Mark Zuckerberg’s response to a question about his t-shirt choice (apparently a similar grey t-shirt every day) and, as he said, it sounds silly but makes a lot of sense. At least, to me. I’ve been thinking about all the choices I have in a different context and how having all those […]

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Small and awesome


Rian recently wrote a great post titled “Being” which speaks to a couple things I’m experiencing these days. One of the themes he touches on is the positive side of smallness. One aspect he writes about is the size of your online social network: All of this to say that we’ll do well to remember […]

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Remote work and the importance of remaining social

Not the office

Nathan wrote a post titled “Remote work” in which he wrote about his transition from a somewhat conventional office environment to a distributed team. Working remotely certainly has benefits (his one team member saving 40 hours a month just by not commuting to work surprised me). I used to work at home until about 2010 […]

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Blogging for 10 years and still going

Colour and variation

This blog began its life under a different domain on 6 December 2004. It has survived in one form or another until now, thanks and no thanks to me. I started my blog after tinkering with blogging back in the primordial days of the social Web when blogging was the New Thing, after interactive fora. […]

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Orion’s successful launch brings Mars closer

Orion Exploration Flight Test by NASA CC BY-NC 2.0

NASA successfully launched its Orion spacecraft on 5 December 2014. It may not sound like much when rocket launches are not uncommon but the Orion spacecraft is more significant than the seemingly routine satellite launches we see online. According to NASA: NASA’s Orion spacecraft is built to take humans farther than they’ve ever gone before. […]

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South Africa is in electricity overdraft


Interesting statement about this weekend’s rolling blackouts: Eskom has also taken a decision to load shed over the weekend in order to build up reserves for the week ahead. That sounds a lot like: Eskom is all out of power, we’re going to cut your power so we can charge up the batteries a little […]

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Challenging #FML

Not alone

At first #FML was a rare sighting online and, slowly, it began to find more use as people tweeted about their misfortunes online. The term has its own website featuring everyday uses and it is probably one of the most depressing memes I’ve seen online. Why am I not in Virginia beach right now eating […]

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Build your own platform

Working at Wolves

I’m sorting through notes in my oversized Evernote inbox and I came across a quote from Rian van der Merwe’s article titled “How to do what you love, the right way” which I mentioned in my post about doing what you love a while ago. How often does doing what you love seem to translate automatically into […]

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