Women driven to drink

Why women drink?

Although I am not even remotely qualified to comment, Kristi Coulter’s article about women driven to drink makes for interesting reading.

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Feminism from a tone-deaf male’s perspective

Lost in Translation by Kris Krug, licensed CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

A discussion about feminism and a blog post by Gretchen Kelly got me thinking about what feminism and gender equality means to me. I wanted to share some of my thinking, even though it may offend many.

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The iconic Modi’in Dimri Tower

Dimri Tower from a distance

The Modi’in Dimri Tower is an iconic feature of the city’s skyline. I’ve been a little fascinated by it since we arrived in Israel in December 2014.

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Overcoming procrastination, when you get to it

View, from Pixabay.

Procrastination can be really frustrating. Here is a great video about how to overcome it, perhaps when you are procrastinating.

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Take a virtual ride in a U-2 spy plane

A view from inside a U-2 spy plane

If you are a fan of military planes then you will love this video that takes you on a ride in a U-2 spy plane. It is a fascinating video.

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Confusing Trump supporters with big words

Donald Trump supporters

It seems that Trump supporters may be easily confused by big words, according to Andy Borowitz writing for the New Yorker.

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The fundamental problem with @Twitter

The fundamental problem with Twitter

The fundamental problem with Twitter is that it doesn’t give victims of abuse effective tools to fight the trolls.

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My strange writing process

Web designer sticky notes picjumbo.com_HNCK5027

What is your writing process? I thought I’d write about my strange writing process as part of my writing process. It’s all very meta.

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