The fundamental problem with @Twitter

The fundamental problem with Twitter

The fundamental problem with Twitter is that it doesn’t give victims of abuse effective tools to fight the trolls.

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My strange writing process

Web designer sticky notes picjumbo.com_HNCK5027

What is your writing process? I thought I’d write about my strange writing process as part of my writing process. It’s all very meta.

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Spectacular new King Arthur movie in 2017

King Arthur

There have been a few King Arthur movies and Guy Ritchie’s interpretation of the story looks like it will be a spectacle for sure.

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Justice League and Wonder Woman trailers – oh boy!

Justice League poster

Warner Bros has released preview trailers for Justice League and Wonder Woman and these movies look amazing. I can’t wait to see them even if I am a little gun shy after Batman v Superman.

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Confessions of a police assassin: fine journalism

Police training

The Guardian’s piece about the confessions of a police assassin in Manipur is an example of the kind of journalism I hope will survive into the future.

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Writer’s remorse and things you can’t take back

Deep writer's remorse

Writer’s remorse or, as it is otherwise known: that feeling that “I probably shouldn’t have told you that”, followed by the overpowering desire to hide for a very long time.

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Parent hack for kids with devices

Faith put her feet up-1

We have kids with devices and we came up with what I think is an ingenious parent hack to make sure they dress, eat and brush teeth in the mornings.

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They’re all third world problems

third world problems

When you think about it, all our problems are third world problems. This thought from the Shower Thoughts reddit was particularly funny.

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