Family photos are a generational thing

Beach photo memories in Google Photos

Family photos are immensely important to me. They are our memories and I make a point of capturing as much as I can and storing them for future generations.

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Ancient Hebrew texts emerges from the ashes

The En-Gedi scroll, digitally unwrapped.

A group of scientists have collaborated to recover portions of the En-Gedi scroll, ancient Hebrew texts that were almost destroyed by fire over 1 700 years ago.

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The Evernote Cloud is moving to Google


The Evernote cloud is migrating to Google Cloud Platform. In itself, it isn’t particularly interesting for users but there could be some cool features down the line.

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Facing a blank page


Staring at a blank page and being unable to fill it with something intelligible is a common experience of writer’s block, the bane of most writers.

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Those prickly sabras

Prickly neighbourhood sabras

Sabra is iconic Israeli fruits that became metaphors for born Israelis (my term for Israelis born in Israel, as opposed to immigrants like us). The plant itself apparently originated in Mexico. I’ve come across these prickly plants a number of times since we arrived in Israel and I am developing a bit of a fascination…

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#WOCinTechChat – Promoting diversity in tech through stock photos

Highlighting the issue of diversity in tech through CC licensed stock photos

#WOCinTech Chat has launched a really smart initiative that leverages CC licensed stock photos to promote diversity in tech. It really appeals to me on so many levels.

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The girl on a wall

I've wanted to take photos of this mural for a while now. I see it as I leave my train station in the mornings. I finally talk a walk to a street corner where I had this view of the mural.

Every workday morning, for about a year, I saw this girl on a wall as I exited the Tel Aviv Central train station in Ramat Gan. I found her captivating and kept promising myself that I would take photos of her for my collection.

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I’m leaving imonomy

Leaving imonomy

Today is my last day. I am leaving imonomy and moving on to my next challenge. It has been a memorable experience for sure.

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