Beautiful Spring day in Modi’in


Spring is definitely here. We have these beautiful blossoms all over Modi’in. I have a few photos already but I’ll take a lot more and share them as soon as I have a chance. שבת שלום to our friends and family! Like this:Like Loading…

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Facebook Groups as big as WhatsApp

Family of apps slide from Facebook f8

I’m working through the announcements at Facebook f8 and one of the slides that really stands out for me is this one: This F8 is all about the future of sharing.Facebook has gone from being one blue app on your phone a few years ago to… Posted by Mark Zuckerberg on Wednesday, March 25, 2015 […]

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Busy-ness trap: catch your bus or hug your children?

Me and my Dad, somewhere in the late 1970s or early 1980s

This morning was one of those priority awareness days. I usually take our kids to school so Gina can get to work early (and return home a little earlier) but she and the kids are home sick today so I thought I’d make a run for an earlier train so I can finish work a […]

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South African anti-Semitism means the country is like most others

Beadwork Star of David

I came across the Citizen’s article titled “Alleged anti-semitic attack in Rosebank ” on Facebook today. According to the Citizen: The assailants allegedly hurled antisemitic insults at the youths and physically assaulted two of the three youngsters. “[The Jewish boys] were wearing kippah [yarmulke],” said Kahn, who stated that the attack was motivated by antisemitism, […]

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Your life as a creativity donor

1977 Me making a mess 2

I watched a really interesting interview this morning that got me thinking about yet another reason why it really is better to own your own little node on the Web and use that as your primary sharing platform. Really interesting interview on #Triangulation 175 with @DamonKWayans — Paul Jacobson (@pauljacobson) March 24, 2015 One […]

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Office bandwidth happiness this morning

Slightly more GNAX servers

By Tim Dorr, licensed CC BY-SA 2.0

Now and then I still get a kick out of these little speed tests. It looks like our office has faster connectivity these days. Really enjoying our office bandwidth and considering most of my work is Web-based, it certainly makes it a lot easier to get my work done. Like this:Like Loading…

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Write something every day. #Fail

Constitution Hill photowalk-147

Conventional wisdom for writers is to write something every day. Many writers have given this advice. There are detractors, for example Cal Newport thinks this is terrible advice if you are not a full-time writer. I think I am more in the “write something every day” camp although I have failed miserably at doing that, […]

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The key to a better quality Facebook News Feed

FB_Friend_Request_Web_RGB_LG small

I much prefer this approach to friending people on Facebook to the more cynical friends-as-followers-to-pitch-to approach. A more select group of Facebook friends is far more meaningful than thousands of “friends” who are just people you connect to because connecting is less meaningful than it could be. Yes, Facebook uses our data to target ads […]

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