Perhaps you should reconsider targeted advertising

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A paradigm-shifting conversation with one of my editors prompted to consider the merit of not targeting online ads using consumers’ personal information. That, in turn, led to my latest article on MarkLives titled “Marketers should reconsider targeted online ads” which was published today: Conventional wisdom in the marketing industry seems to be that better targeted ads […]

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#SoWhat Porsche

I saw this in the Nelson Mandela Square parking area … Pretty much speaks for itself. Like this:Like Loading…

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Having a baby is a bit like the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

My brother-in-law and his lovely wife are expecting a baby any day now and I was chatting to him when I had this epiphany. Having a baby is a bit like the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxydon’t panic and always have a towel handy.

“The idea is that you switch on your life”

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Gus Silber has a terrific post titled “Wait, Slow Down, Stop: the Power of the Shabbos Project” which is really worth reading. We took part in the Shabbos Project last year, didn’t do it last week and I’d like to be part of it next year, perhaps. We’re not particularly observant (although that is changing […]

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Blog migration, destruction and recovery in 873 easy steps


This is a story of momentary triumph, devastation and recovery. It was a collaborative effort but the real hero is Nathan Jeffery who you can read more about at the end of this post (so please keep reading). I had two sites a few days ago which I decided to merge into one. The one […]

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Reconstruction in progress

Update (2014-10-28): The site has been restored. You can read all about what happened in this post. I managed to kill my site (again) over the weekend. You’ll notice that there are a couple recent posts and then the posts go all the way back to 2011. That represents efforts over the weekend to restore […]

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Talking to your machines

Voice recognition on mobile devices has the potential to be revolutionary. I (mostly) love my iPhone but Siri isn’t particularly effective as a voice-based personal assistant. Google’s voice recognition, on the other hand, is easily better than Siri in every way. Google’s voice recognition is more accurate and consistently gives me better results and doesn’t […]

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Prevent iPhoto from launching when you connect your iPhone in Yosemite

You may have noticed that iPhoto launches automatically when you connect your iPhone to your Mac. iPhoto started launched on my Mac even though my iPhoto settings didn’t enable this. It turns out you need to change your settings in the Image Capture app if iPhoto (or Aperture, as the case may be) has the option […]

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