Lives of quiet desperation and debt

Sitting on a bench in quiet desperation

I came across a quote that resonates so strongly that it is almost chilling. It is about the traps we build into our lives in the pursuit of things that don’t actually have all that much value to us.

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AltPlatform and a conversation about the Open Web

AltPlatform is a new conversation about the Open Web

I’ve been a big believer in the Open Web for some time and I was pretty excited to discover that Richard MacManus and a few other writers have launched, a non-profit publication focused on the Open Web.

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Being a Dad is mostly the stuff you didn’t intend doing

Being a Dad with my family

Being a Dad is often the stuff that happens while we are making other plans. I wrote this post for the Harassed Mom blog and thought I’d focus on how fatherhood is often more about our kids’ plans than our own.

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The camera phone was invented to share a newborn baby photo in 1997

Did you know that the first camera phone was invented in 1997, by Philippe Kahn. He hacked together his camera, laptop and mobile phone to create a prototype camera phone so he could send a photo of his newborn daughter to family and friends. 20 years later, we do this without thinking about it.

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What I think about when I hear “Shake It Off” by Taylor Swift

Dover Police officer Jeff Davis’ dashcam performance of Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” is the first one that comes to mind when I hear her fun track. If you haven’t watched the video, you really should. It’s awesome.

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Giving audiences what they want, when they want it

Big screen audiences

Kevin Spacey spoke about the importance of changing with the times and giving audiences the stories they crave in the formats they want and on the devices they have in 2013. We can see the industry changing a fair amount lately and Netflix’s Reed Hasting’s comments at the recent Code Conference reflect this. The big question is whether the industry is paying enough attention?

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The White House photostream became bland

The White House photostream has become pretty bland since Trump took over as president. It’s a pretty stark change from Pete Souza’s work at the Obama White house.

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Blogging software and good shoes

As Dave Winer points out, you know your software works for you when it feels comfortable after using it for a while.

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