My emigration coping mechanism – 80s music


I had an interesting realization recently when a friend asked on Facebook if anyone else was suddenly really into 80s music lately? It caught my attention because I have been listening to a lot of 80s rock and pop since we arrived in Israel (thanks to my Rdio subscription and my iPad which has become […]

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“I was giving up on the life my false self tells me I must live”

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Dr Kelly Flanagan’s post titled “Why We Should All Just Give Up” resonates with me. I often feel as if I am fighting against some impossible force to get simple things done. My first thought is to fight and keep fighting until I have overcome the challenge, and that is sometimes just getting out of […]

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Israel’s remarkable and complicated story

First steps

I just watched this terrific ad for the Times of Israel which seems to really nicely capture so much of Israel’s remarkable story and the many facets of Israeli life. What I love about the video is that it doesn’t hide some of the challenges we face here (specifically running for shelter when terrorists fire […]

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Just give me a bigger phone, keep the iPad

"iPhone 6 Plus, MacBook Air, Thunderbolt monitor" by Dylan, licensed CC BY 2.0

Om Malik published an interesting post about Apple’s iPhone sales and the impact the iPhone 6+ seems to be having on iPad sales. He singled out the larger iPhone 6+ in particular: If you want to see the impact of the iPhone 6+, look no further than iPad sales: about $9 billion during the quarter, which […]

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Cracking the kiddie code


I’ve been thinking about our kids and their quirks and triggers a little more lately. In one sense it’s always on my mind because we interact with them daily, obviously, but what I mean is that I have been thinking about the little opportunities to understand our kids better as if they represent codes we […]

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Returning to a 14 year old career

Constitution Hill photowalk-147

One of the transitions I feel most comfortable about is my switch to a job in marketing for imonomy, an online in-image advertising company. It’s easy to think that my transition from being a lawyer to being a content marketing person is the real career shift. In some ways, it is, but I realised that […]

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“We’re a generation of smartphones and dumb people”

Me and my Dad, somewhere in the late 1970s or early 1980s

One was to describe the world we live in today is as a “contradiction”. We have so many ways to connect with each other and share our lives and yet the primary ways we do that also isolate us from meaningful human contact. The instrument of our isolation is also the device we use to […]

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A nation allergic to nonsense

Crossing the street

My wife wrote a blog post which falls firmly into the category “Hey, I was also going to write a post about that!” which she titled “You say rude, I say cut the bullshit” which touches on something I’ve been thinking about the last week or two. I have had a line in my Twitter […]

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