This all feels a little like an avalanche; gathering speed and slowly threatening to cover us all with sh1t.

This is my first blog awards, and after feeling very chuffed to not only have been nominated, but to make it as a finalist, I am started to feel like people are going to start spitting at my feet as I walk by!

It’s crazy how a good idea, put into action by those willing to give freely of their time, is being used as target practise by so many people. Yes, in an ideal world, if you can do it better, then do it yourself, but this isn’t an ideal world, and we’re not competing in a ‘you win you live, you lose you die’ situation – we are going to carry on having our say regardless of any awards.

I am having a new site designed, and if I get to put a little badge on it displaying that I was just nominated – that’s cool – not winning is definitely not going to make me take up knitting or some other easier past-time!

I wonder, at the end of all of this, whether the people who are making the most noise now will help create the ideal awards system that has been seen grazing on the other side of the fence, or if it will just be left to those already sticking their necks on the line to carry on doing what they are doing?